Quick Florida Couriers is the leading provider of quality same day delivery services and rush courier-messenger service solutions for the State of Florida and its surrounding cities.. Whether you need a small package like a retail item, an envelope, lunch, dinner or groceries, even large cargo items like 20,000 pounds of palletized freight destined to any city in Florida—Quick Florida Couriers can handle it all.

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Why would I need a courier service?

Along with being able to have your normal deliveries performed quick and reliably, a courier service can provide same day delivery options that overnight delivery simply can’t beat. What’s more, if you have an emergency, such as with life-saving medical supplies or critical legal documents, those same courier services can provide speed options as fast as 1 hour! Courier services are more than just super-fast delivery—it’s also about customer convenience. With advanced GPS technology, we can provide the convenience of real-time tracking and signature confirmation for our many clients. Last but not least, you’ll have the professionalism and speed that’s only possible with experienced, bonded drivers.

What is your delivery service area?

Whether it’s in Florida, one of its neighboring states, or somewhere else in the United States of America—our same day delivery and rush courier services can reach anywhere. Whether you need a regular box delivery, groceries, or 10,000 pounds of palletized cargo, Quick Florida Couriers has the drivers and vehicles to get them delivered fast, safely, and professionally to their destination.

What kinds of things do you deliver?

From retail and food orders to pharmaceuticals and palletized materials, Quick Florida Couriers has the same day delivery services for it all. Our expansive fleet of vehicles is fully equipped with sedans, cargo vans, box trucks with lift gates, and freight rucks—enabling us to deliver all your packages, no matter their weight and dimensions. We have bonded drivers experienced in delivering all sorts of packages, they’ll make sure your parcels are delivered safely, reliably, and most of all, on schedule!

Are you familiar with medical and courier deliveries?

Quick Florida Couriers provides crucial assistance to Florida’s many labs, pharmacies, and hospitals with our own medical courier services. Using our OSHA and HIPAA protocol trained drivers, we regularly deliver medical equipment, specimens, bloodwork, prosthetics, medications, and more. Our OSHA and HIPAA protocol trained drivers are more than just experts in fast delivery, they’ll also make sure your packages are delivered safely and with the best of care.

What types of legal deliveries do you provide?

Quick Florida Couriers is capable of delivering all sorts of legal documents with our legal courier services. Our court runners have years of experience in delivering court filings, court document retrievals, and various processing documents. Whether you need documents submitted to a local courthouse, a Supreme court, or a clerk’s desk, you can have them delivered all in the same day, and even as fast as 1 hour if needed. Keep all your legal document submissions in order with our legal courier services

Do you deliver larger items such as palletized freight?

Heavy lifting is just one of our many specialties! Our same day freight delivery services are fully outfitted with powerful cargo vans, box trucks with lift gates, and freight trucks—all dedicated to moving thousands of pounds of cargo. We don’t just deliver cargo to locations within Florida, we can also ship your palletized freight to neighboring states and to the rest of the United States.

How fast can you deliver my package?

With the same day delivery services of Quick Florida Couriers, you’ll have several speed options at your disposal. Typical same day deliveries are made usually within a standard 8 hours. But we also offer a faster 4-hour delivery option, with our fastest delivering packages within 1 hour after pickup. When you need fast, there’s no better option than a same day delivery service!

What is your courier service pricing based on?

Our same day delivery services are priced based on several factors. How fast do you need your packages delivered? What are the sizes and weights of your packages? And what kind of vehicle is likely to be required to deliver your packages on time, safely, and professionally? Once decided, we’ll work hard to find the fastest and most direct routes to ensure that not a single cent goes to waste on an unnecessary mile. Give us a call for a free delivery quote at zero-obligation—we’ll show you why thousands have already switched to the convenient same day delivery services of Quick Florida Couriers!


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